Vlog 35: Making Time To Get To Know Ourselves & Others

When was the last time you asked someone what their favourite colour is? We often get caught up in just going about our day to day routine, talking to our work colleagues on a business level, talking to our friends/partners about our problems, or meeting new people and not really finding out anything about them on a personal level. When we really learn, get to know, and bring to the surface what the ‘authentic’ us […]

Vlog 34: Creating Style On A Kmart Budget

We live on a planet that’s gone a bit crazy with wanting nice expensive things – whether it be expensive clothes / shoes / cars / TVs / iPads etc etc, but are all these things going to make your life better or are you just trying to buy happiness based on labels/social expectation/filling a void? Yes it’s great to have nice things but many have forgotten that we actually need very little to be able to live and be […]

Vlog 33: Fitspiration Is Outta Control

Need your butt always be in my face? :P   Instagram.  Ok, so it can be inspiring to motivate you to do better, get out there and do some exercise/eat healthy – but….. (pun intended), ‘fitspiration’ is getting pretty out of control and the desire to have the seemingly ‘perfect’ body (which apparently according to fitspiration is shredded) has got all consuming for people. Having a ripped body is not the definition of beauty nor […]

Be mindful wit dat grub

Vlog 32: Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is one of the ways that you can bring food peace and eating harmony together in a nice little package in your head for consistent happy thoughts about matters of the grub kind. The more we work on ways to look at food in a positive light and nurturing way – the more we will sit down, enjoy it, love it, show gratitude towards it and we will eat to live, not live to eat.   Thank you […]

Vlog 31 – Back Into The Vlogs

Now that the next Chapter is in full swing and life has settled after the move across the ditch to the land where a duvet is a doona – I have got my act together and am back into posting :D Thank you for watching x  

A Scorpion & Chaturanga Or Something A’Rather…

Practice makes for great progress When I got to yoga class over here in Bondi they taught this move which I thought was really cool…. something about a scorpion and chaturanga or something a’rather… (still working on learning the yoga lingo), but in my effort to explain…it’s coming down into a tricep press up with your leg up and over to the side – looks cool if you do it correctly without falling on your […]

Blog: Food Marketing…

Now…my problem isn’t with indulgent treats out there in the world, but the problem is with big businesses and marketing companies advertising foods that are straight up processed and full of shit, as ‘health’ or ‘good for us’ foods, for nothing more than profit in their pocket. It actually made me laugh that Milo is advertised as a protein source. Of course the protein part of it would be coming from the milk, not the […]