A Scorpion & Chaturanga Or Something A’Rather…

Practice makes for great progress When I got to yoga class over here in Bondi they taught this move which I thought was really cool…. something about a scorpion and chaturanga or something a’rather… (still working on learning the yoga lingo), but in my effort to explain…it’s coming down into a tricep press up with your leg up and over to the side – looks cool if you do it correctly without falling on your […]

Blog: Food Marketing…

Now…my problem isn’t with indulgent treats out there in the world, but the problem is with big businesses and marketing companies advertising foods that are straight up processed and full of shit, as ‘health’ or ‘good for us’ foods, for nothing more than profit in their pocket. It actually made me laugh that Milo is advertised as a protein source. Of course the protein part of it would be coming from the milk, not the […]

Review: A Bondi Day Out For The Wellness Junkie

While I was in Sydney I wanted to experience some of what the area had to offer in the way of things that were good for giving ourselves a good ol’ wellness hug. Of course there is a huge amount to do there with the size of the city (as I found out with my lack of comprehension of Sydney logistics), but for today’s write up I will be focusing on the Bondi/Coogee area. To […]

Vlog 29: Why It’s Best To Be Your Authentic Self

I remember a while ago when I was in my early-mid 20s, I was on a journey to discover who and what my ‘Authentic Self’ was. I would read self-help books, observe others who appeared to have their shit together, and dream of being this person who had life sussed out – but I didn’t know how to reach it. Not realising at the time that I actually already knew who I was, what I […]

Blog: What Makes Her Confident?

What makes her confident? She looks after and nourishes her body, because that’s what makes her glow. She has a flawless radiance about her because she is a woman who takes pride to care and nurture her mind. She shines from the inside out because she is at peace with herself, she eats healthy, occasionally indulges, moves daily, knows her worth, enjoys her body, and knows that there is a deeper purpose for her that […]

Workout doesn't count without a selfie

Review: Mirror Mirror on the wall….A Les Mills morning

On the weekend a friend came up to visit from Hamilton, being my trail run buddy and both of us with a love of experiencing new fitness activities, our duo Auckland outing was definitely to include a fitness date. After googling some classes around the area, I thought “Welllllll a casual entry to Les Mills is always an option?”  I hadn’t been there in a very long time, and while I absolutely LOVE the classes there […]

Vlog 28: 3 Overlooked ways to lose weight

Nutrition and fitness are no doubt the biggest part of the equation to weight loss success, but often we think that it should be as simple as following a generic 1300 calorie meal plan and burning more calories than you consume through exercise and then voila….we have our perfect bod. Nope. There are a few different extensions of nutrition and fitness that all go hand in hand if you are on a weight loss journey, to ensure a healthy victory.  The psychological aspect […]

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Blog: What We All Need To Achieve Happiness ♥

So as I sit here writing this Blog I am currently in a beautiful spot on a Sunday surrounded by a lot of people, families, couples….and there is a relaxed feel of happiness and rest. I don’t know exactly what all these people’s lives are like around me (but I do like to play the game where I can guess and sense what their world is about :P ), but in today’s world I realise […]