Running away from library security

Vlog 13: 11 happy things to make a soul sister smile (that’s all of us)  

Hand written letters…receiving and sending – there is something beautiful about handwritten notes that just feed the soul much more than a text message or email ever will. (P.S – Handwritten letters most welcome in my letterbox  PO Box 90523 Auckland, let’s be pen pals Watching the sun come up…you have to be willing to sacrifice your sleep in for this one! But let me tell you, it is well worth it Lighting a candle […]

Kipping monkey

Vlog 12: Training ideas – Gym Edition (Pt.1)

Here is a little workout routine that you can do at the gym – a full body weights/bodyweight workout that can help with strength/fitness/weight loss/and just all over mind and body goodness :P For this routine I recommend to keep the weights a bit lighter and go for higher reps (15-20), and do it in circuit style So could go a little something like this: 20 x lat pull downs 20 x cable tricep extensions […]

Lipstick review

Pouting Lippy  

We all know that movement is essential to our bodies for health, and also what we put in our systems through the foods we eat and drink. Something that is less thought about is the products we put on our skin, but remember… what goes ON our skin also goes INTO our skin, so therefore goes into our body… So FBW Beauty (one of our 9 points of change we are delving into this year), […]

26 Jan - 01 Feb (4)

Five things to do for laughs  

You don’t have to spend lots of money to create fun – look at old photos (laugh AND cringe  double whammy ), go thrift shopping and find crack up outfits, get creative with your makeup stash, watch raw humour from vloggers around the world, and go rollerblading (I wouldn’t advise wearing a skirt though) Because laughter is the best medicine, and random things are the most fun  Stay happy P.S – Make sure you watch […]

2015 is game time


Welcome to Fit Bella Women and the Dream15 series! There’s a big happy year ahead of us so let’s get started!  Fit Bella Women this year is all about us.  Being fit is not just about the physical aspect, it is a combination of keeping our mind, body and soul fit ♥ This year I will be doing blogs and vlogs, rants and reviews.  These will cover nine areas that I believe are relevant to […]

We are society

We are society

So now days with all the health and fitness around us its great that a lot of us are turning our lives around and becoming healthier people.  But overall, obesity rates are higher than ever and we all need to make an effort to change this around. The world now days has completely changed.  We live in a time of very clever advertising, marketing and money making schemes. I remember having chats with my Nana […]

Deep Monday

Deep Monday

A few years ago on a regular day, my sister and I were out shopping and ended up in a lovely home shop.  It doesn’t happen often but occasionally I come across random pieces that speak to me and I know mean something in my life. I came across an item that caught my eye, a set of old rustic looking keys.  I loved them SO much, but I didn’t buy them – my sister gave […]

Dieting box

Dieting Box

Haven’t had a rant in a while… we go! WHY WE DON’T HAVE TO PUT OURSELVES INTO A DIETING BOX What I mean by that is, these days it seems that we aren’t doing it right unless we are following something super strictly.  If we go outside of what we said we are doing – we have failed. Paleo, vegan, no carb, Dukkan, Atkins and the list goes on, and on, and on…. Don’t get […]