Vlog 22: A flying trip to Sydney  

There is just something about this place! ♥ Here is a snippet of my short time in Sydney-town, my 48 hours and a piece of my life’s crazy puzzle. Write up will be in Sundays diary on fitbellawomen.com

Vlog 21: Active Rest Days  

Vlog 21: Active Rest Days An active rest day could be defined as an easier workout compared to your normal routine, doing something light and fun. Although these ideas could also be used as a workout for people just getting into exercise! Trampolining certainly does work up a sweat and is nothing but complete fun, in Auckland they have trampolining fitness classes – it’s a must to try for a fitness activity and a blimen’ […]

Vlog 20: How many meals should we eat per day?

Vlog 20: How many meals should we eat per day? There is a lot of confusion about how often and when we should eat. In my personal experience I have found that eating small meals often works extremely well for me and my lifestyle (and of course my love for food, 7 meals is like a dream :P ). Some may find this works for them, others may find eating 4-5 meals is better, and eating […]

Vlog 19: The Supplement Industry Pt 1

Vlog 19: The Supplement Industry Pt 1 A wee snippet of my thoughts on the Supplement industry…. The industry is very controlled by marketing (sadly, among most industries now days!)  We actually need VERY little to be able to live happily and function efficiently, yet promises of lean bodies and ‘shredded’ physiques gets in our heads and we believe we need something to be better. Not to mention the money spent unnecessarily…. In the last […]

Vlog 18: When My Fitness Pal Takes Over  

Vlog 18: When My Fitness Pal Takes Over If you have ever used My Fitness Pal before you know it can be a good tool for becoming aware of what is in our food, seeing habits of where we perhaps eat unnecessarily, and logging our ‘diary’ to keep ourselves on track……But…..if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it perhaps may be time to go your separate ways for a while…. #WhenMyFitnessPalTakesOver Please like […]


Vlog 17: Talking about introversion  

A tiny insight to the mind of an introvert.  Regardless of whether you are an introvert, extrovert or a bit of both…. We all have our own little quirks that we should own and embrace.

Cheat meals

Vlog 16: Things we see on the Internet – Cheat Meals  

The less we stress about foods, ‘cheat meals’, and what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’…..the more we can just enjoy life and realise that the need to feed our bodies with good whole foods is the main thing, with a few (non scheduled on a calendar) treats in there too.

Weekend workout

Vlog 15: Weekend Workout  

If you are away for the Easter holiday or any other weekend and fancy a little workout that needs no equipment, takes less than 10 minutes, and will work up a sweat – give this little treasure routine a go!