Below is my recent reply to a friend who had emailed me, asking for advice with his own journey.  He himself had figured out that something wasn’t right with parts of our current ‘health & fitness’ industry approach after unsuccessfully going […]

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Meet Wilson, I love him. He sometimes brings discomfort into my life, can occasionally be a pain in the neck and in general looks like a bit of a prick.  He’s not very good at cooking dinner and lacks good conversation […]

Meet Wilson, I love him.

After I came back from Melbourne and Sydney I knew I would have to take a good, hard look at what had just gone down over the past year/s.  I had previously got myself out of a dark hole into […]

Confessions Of Competing – The End.

So again once I had wished my Christmas and New Year period away (this was the 3rd year in a row of dieting over the festive period), because it was easier to do that instead of painfully eye balling all […]

Confessions Of Competing – Show 8

 Day One.  GOALS I have A-LOT of goals in life but for the sake of not writing a chapter book (which is one of my goals :P ) on here, I will summarise. A couple of short term goals for […]

Fit Bella Women Pic-A-Day September

So after my 4th show, yet again no rebounds, body/weight/binge wise, I came in at 55kgs and settled at about 57-58kgs. Some people (not everyone) can tend to rebound quite hard, whether that be straight after the show or a […]

Confessions Of Competing – Shows 5, 6 & 7

Getting the Bondi beach tourist photos done, catch ups on the rocks, Taramararamama (its Tamarama but for some reason I have difficulty saying this :P ), lunch in the park with our magpie friends, sunsets and cartwheel practice, full moon […]

Making Memories In Sydney – Vlog 37