Talking morning rituals, how tea is awesome, lunch that I will not win any awards for presentation with, yoga victories and needing to practice my Omm. Thank you for watching x Dandelion tea from Village Organics in Frankton, Hamilton. Liquorice root […]

Morning Rituals, Unpresentable Lunches & Yoga Victories

Alright, Vlogs. I’ve decided I’m just going to talk about life n’ shit. It’s been a while since I’ve done talking Vlogs, the ones of late have just been of me running-a-muck around Sydney/NZ, the occasional lip syncing clip, and […]

Friday Photography Wandering

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting with a friend and noticed they were looking at my face a bit funny. I thought that I may have had one of my episodes where I bought a takeaway coffee and […]

Freckle Face

New Workout: Jump squats going up stairs (be verrrry careful not to face plant :P ) – bigger the stair case the better but if you’re just starting out use a small one like in the video.  Half moon pose, […]

Circuit Training/Yoga Mash Up Workout Series (3)

Next workout Circuit: 10 press ups 10 elbow to hand planks (5 starting on right arm, 5 starting on left) 10 second bird pose (or as long as you can) 100m sprint 2-3 round no rest (or minimal rest) Enjoy! […]

Circuit Training / Yoga Mash Up Workout Series (2)

I will be starting a series of training videos of small little workouts that are a mix of yoga moves and bodyweight circuit training.  I’m really into flexibility training at the moment and still love my circuits so i’m mashing them […]

Circuit Training / Yoga Mash Up Workout Series (1)

A wee vid of my New Zealand wandering, keeping up the momentum of exploring and displaying my inability to sit still. It was amazing to meet new people with Self Love Sessions/Reiki & the seminar :D every moment of work, […]

New Zealand Wandering

While visiting New Zealand my Nana kindly gave me $50 as a Christmas gift to get myself something nice. A lovely gesture and one of those things where you feel incredibly guilty if you end up spending it on boring […]

Finger Cracking Good