Now that I’ve got your attention by posting an attention grabbing title and a half-naked picture of myself (because let’s face it, that’s how people seem to get noticed these days in the fitness industry), I can explain why this is […]

The End Of Fit Bella Women

VENICE Things to note: Shop around for travel costs to Europe, the prices of flights can vary so much, and if you are flexible with the times/days you travel you could save hundred.  When I flew to Venice I flew […]

Travel Blogs – Venice Vacay

EDINBURGH Getting to Edinburgh – I decided that I wanted to take the train as I thought it would be a nice way to see more of the country on the way up, plus I just love taking trains.  The […]

Travel Blogs – Edinburgh & Dublin Shenanigans

I set off in early August, the flight that I booked was straight through from Auckland to London Heathrow with a transit in L.A.  On a side note, if you’re traveling via America don’t forget (like I did) that you […]

Travel Blogs – Lovely Jubbly London

Travelling is something that everyone should take the time out to do often – and by travelling I mean it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling around to the other end of the earth or if you’re travelling to the […]

Travel Like A (Sort-Of) Gypsy

  Having just come back from holiday in Phuket, I feel compelled to write a blog about how little I exercised.  I run a fitness & health blog and am a qualified fitness instructor and trainer, I’m supposed to tell […]

Holidays…To Exercise or To Not Exercise

In recent years I’ve been moving away from personal training to focus on other things so while I still completely love talking about and helping people with all things health and fitness, I’m not doing pre-screen forms like I used […]

Changing Your Perspective On Weight Loss