Pouting Lippy  

We all know that movement is essential to our bodies for health, and also what we put in our systems through the foods we eat and drink. Something that is less thought about is the products we put on our skin, but remember… what goes ON our skin also goes INTO our skin, so therefore goes into our body…

So FBW Beauty (one of our 9 points of change we are delving into this year), is another avenue that we can use to create our happiest healthiest selves which is why after doing a bit of research I came across Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks which are, well…naaatural. Plus they come boxed up in a cutesy little environmentally friendly and recycled package. Her slogan “Nothing nasty touches my lips”! I’m liking it.

After being made aware on her website that a woman consumes and average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick during her lifetime through drinking, eating and smooching, it seems like a wise idea to (as well as your food) – keep it all natural!  Karen has a range of 20 lipsticks, all the most beautiful colours to make yo’ lips pop, so pout away!  In the picture I’m wearing the lovely Peony Petal (the name itself just makes me go aww).

They retail for around $30 and you can buy direct from her website, or from organic stores like Huckleberry Farms New ZealandIE Produce in Auckland.

Switching to organic beauty products is another move towards cleaning up all the nasties that are in a lot of products in today’s market.

Just make small changes one by one with beauty products, because, well..unless you got the dosh, its actually really flippen’ expensive to go out and change all your products in one go .  Just become more aware of what you are using on a day to day basis and do your research .

I am doing a Fit Bella Women ‘Review Week’ at the end of February so for for anyone interested in product/service write ups (anything that comes under: self love, fitness, food, happiness, fashion, beauty, create, motivation, love) contact me for more information on getting your review up to get your love out there.

Five things to do for laughs  

You don’t have to spend lots of money to create fun – look at old photos (laugh AND cringe  double whammy ), go thrift shopping and find crack up outfits, get creative with your makeup stash, watch raw humour from vloggers around the world, and go rollerblading (I wouldn’t advise wearing a skirt though)

Because laughter is the best medicine, and random things are the most fun 

Stay happy

P.S – Make sure you watch right to the end to see Miss Soph


Welcome to Fit Bella Women and the Dream15 series!

New year 2015 vid picThere’s a big happy year ahead of us so let’s get started!  Fit Bella Women this year is all about us.  Being fit is not just about the physical aspect, it is a combination of keeping our mind, body and soul fit

This year I will be doing blogs and vlogs, rants and reviews.  These will cover nine areas that I believe are relevant to women and will help us achieve a happy and healthy life:  self love, fitness, food, happiness, fashion, beauty, create, motivation, and love.

We all have the ability to have and create the best most fulfilling life we could ever imagine, so my work is to teach you all how.

Along with my blogs and vlogs, you will have a selection of items to purchase from the FBW Superette section (coming soon) which will include self love workbooks, motivational audio books, and my new personalised service for 2015 :)

Dream15 nine topicsThis is the year to be fearless, take chances, live freely, and don’t hold back.  Where we become the most fabulous versions of ourselves.  We will work hard, play hard and live like crazy.

Unwavering we will move forward, experience, and flourish.  We will fall in love with the amazing mind, body and soul that we own.  Happiness will radiate, confidence will shine.  We will create the beautiful, exciting and fulfilling life we dream of.

It’s game time.

Stacy x

2015 is game time