Labour Blog

The Labour Experience It was the heart of the weekend and I was doing what any 9 month pregnant woman would be doing on a Saturday night for a good time, eating snacks and getting into bed.  At this stage […]

Caution: Pregnant Woman Rant

For the people who know me personally and follow my business, you’ll know that I don’t post pictures of my ‘tiny stomach’ or body to show off or skite. In fact, even in my body building days when I had […]

The End Of Fit Bella Women

Now that I’ve got your attention by posting an attention grabbing title and a half-naked picture of myself (because let’s face it, that’s how people seem to get noticed these days in the fitness industry), I can explain why this is […]

Travel Blogs – Venice Vacay

VENICE Things to note: Shop around for travel costs to Europe, the prices of flights can vary so much, and if you are flexible with the times/days you travel you could save hundred.  When I flew to Venice I flew […]

Travel Blogs – Edinburgh & Dublin Shenanigans

EDINBURGH Getting to Edinburgh – I decided that I wanted to take the train as I thought it would be a nice way to see more of the country on the way up, plus I just love taking trains.  The […]

Travel Blogs – Lovely Jubbly London

I set off in early August, the flight that I booked was straight through from Auckland to London Heathrow with a transit in L.A.  On a side note, if you’re traveling via America don’t forget (like I did) that you […]

Travel Like A (Sort-Of) Gypsy

Travelling is something that everyone should take the time out to do often – and by travelling I mean it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling around to the other end of the earth or if you’re travelling to the […]

Holidays…To Exercise or To Not Exercise

  Having just come back from holiday in Phuket, I feel compelled to write a blog about how little I exercised.  I run a fitness & health blog and am a qualified fitness instructor and trainer, I’m supposed to tell […]

Changing Your Perspective On Weight Loss

In recent years I’ve been moving away from personal training to focus on other things so while I still completely love talking about and helping people with all things health and fitness, I’m not doing pre-screen forms like I used […]

7 Days Of Savasana

For about the last 5 days my body has just felt broken as – very tired and annoyingly achy.    I went to yoga on Tuesday morning and while I’ve felt like I’ve been killin’ it in class lately (don’t mean to […]

Facebook Cringing

I’ve been cringing a bit at my newsfeeds recently with people promoting things like skinny wraps and shake diets.   I’m sure everyone is well aware of my dislike for fitness and health gimmick products with my waist training rants from […]