Vlog 28: 3 Overlooked ways to lose weight  

          Nutrition and fitness are no doubt the biggest part of the equation to weight loss success, but often we think that it should be as simple as following a generic 1300 calorie meal plan and burning more calories than you consume through exercise and then voila….we have our perfect bod. Nope. There are a few different extensions of nutrition and fitness that all go hand in hand if you are on a weight loss […]

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What We All Need To Achieve Happiness ♥  

So as I sit here writing this Blog I am currently in a beautiful spot on a Sunday surrounded by a lot of people, families, couples….and there is a relaxed feel of happiness and rest. I don’t know exactly what all these people’s lives are like around me (but I do like to play the game where I can guess and sense what their world is about :P ), but in today’s world I realise […]

Vlog 27: An Interesting Body Cleansing Experience…

Vlog 27: An interesting body cleansing experience….. Health and wellness of our mind and bodies cover A LOT of different areas – there are PLENTY of ways that we can practice health and wellness and we should all be on a journey of treating our mind and bodies with great respect and nourishment. So I plan to find, learn and experience (and make Vlogs about :P) as many wellbeing areas and practices as I can. […]

Vlog 26: 3 Things I Have Changed My Mind About  

  Taking bodyfat measurements… It seems to be just the norm now that when we see a fitness professional to help us in a fitness and health journey, our body fat measurements are taken regularly to see how we are doing. I definitely got caught in this trap, being taught this while doing my trainer qualification, it is just standard in health and fitness studies that this was how we gauged progress of clients. Plus […]

The Thing About Motivation…..  

Motivation… Some days we have more, some days we have less – but regardless of how much we have on any given day, we all have the SAME ability to create it. Working in the health and fitness industry, I have definitely noticed a shift in the motivation levels in society around us to get up and move.  Don’t get me wrong, people are motivated to transform, do better, get fit, become the person they […]

Vlog 25: Bit of motivation and some chocolate  

When I moved to Auckland beginning of last year, my friend gave me this motivation card pack as a welcoming gift. I am all over motivational quotes :P and know that often the right ones pop up for us at the time we need it most. So here are 2 randomly picked ones for you! – Every thought I think is shaping my future – This is incredibly true. Negative thoughts will get you nowhere, […]

Why I needed to stop competing… (Reason 1)  

Reason 1: You can lose your period from intense dieting One of the reasons that I needed to stop doing shows is because of how it was affecting my body. Getting to a low bodyfat will (not always), but normally make your period stop. Generally it will just go back to normal after you start to put back on bodyfat and eat a decent variety of good foods, cut back on the intense exercise, slip […]

Vlog 24: Three Important Questions….  

What is Golden Milk? Is it OK to take selfies? Is it important to have a bubble butt? Asking the real important questions around here… :P Golden Milk….This is one thing that is on the internet that isn’t rubbish (see previous Vlog re. mush on the internet ), and is a beverage with the main ingredient being Turmeric. Turmeric has crazy cool benefits with it being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has anti-cancer properties. Naaice. You […]