Hello I’m Stacy

I am the creator of Fit Bella Women – lovely to meet you!

To cut a long story short here’s the condensed version of my journey:  Shy, quiet, unconfident girl – started working in the fitness industry, learnt alot – moved onto competing in bodybuilding, learnt a lot in a good way for a while but also fooked my body and mind in the process ….changed my path – went on a self love discovery journey, learnt A LOT.
And here we are :D  I’m extremely happy, healthy, confident, and a Mum to a beautiful little girl ♥

I work as a Personal Trainer,  make Vlogs, run a little online shop and also read tarot cards for wellness!  I’ve got you covered babes.  I have been in the health and fitness industry for the past 7 years and my main focus with my work is teaching others how to live happily and healthily.


With love, health & happiness,