Changing Your Perspective On Weight Loss

In recent years I’ve been moving away from personal training to focus on other things so while I still completely love talking about and helping people with all things health and fitness, I’m not doing pre-screen forms like I used to (and sure as heck no body fat measurements).  After finding the whole big bunch of my old clients pre screen forms and having a read through them, it was a real reminder of just how much females focus on weight loss as a means to get us to happy-ville (I used to be like this too).  Our automatic response to what our main goal is in regards to doing fitness is…9 times out of 10….weight loss.  The place with thigh gaps, small waists and arms that don’t jiggle, yes…that magical place where we will stand there with our slim bods, protein shakers and active wear (whilst being very hangry) and everything will be better.  Except it doesn’t exist. (neither does arms that don’t jiggle) Because you see…all we have is now, and the way you are feeling about your body RIGHT NOW, is determining the direction it is going in.  If you are self loathing and hatin’ on it in this moment, it’s not going to cooperate – its going to say ‘bugger you!’ and do the opposite.  Whereas if you treat it good and just focus on being happy, good things happen – law of attraction and all that jazz!

Next time you see a personal trainer or even just do your own training, have a think about how you can change your perspective and really think about where your focus is going.  Instead of focusing on losing weight, how about trying to focus on gaining love for the health and fitness of your body and mind?  Works way better ✌






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