Circuit Training / Yoga Mash Up Workout Series (1)

I will be starting a series of training videos of small little workouts that are a mix of yoga moves and bodyweight circuit training.  I’m really into flexibility training at the moment and still love my circuits so i’m mashing them together and creating… Yogcuit training?  I dunno what to call it….anyways, its fun :P

Todays workout goes a little something like this:

Start in down dog, hold 10 seconds
Move to three legged dog (right leg up), hold 10 seconds
Move right leg through to lunge, 10 pulse lunges
Right leg back up to three legged dog, hold 10 seconds
Lunge back, move into triangle pose and count for 10 seconds

Repeat all the same on left leg

After you have completed both legs, go straight 10 pulse squats and a 10 second squat hold

Try doing it 2-3 rounds with minimal rest in-between

Enjoy!  Thank you for watching x


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