26th January – 1st February 2015

Dear diary,

Another busy but awesome week!

Started off nice and fresh with my usual 7K loop walk that I love to do  (took a few pics this time too) I do this route once a week, and I’ve made it a bit of a special occasion with treating myself to a Starbucks iced Americano and a Quest bar on the way back – only ONE Quest bar though!, because ya know, the addiction and everything.. 

This week things have started to amp up for a programme that i’m happy to be involved with and a part of, called Ultimate You, in which I will be delivering the training side of it – Super excited!  An awesome team collaboration with Fuel Nutrition Ltd & FitHub – that is just going to be ah-mazing. Total ‪#‎DreamTeam 

Another beautiful week of looking after the kiddies where I got gifted a lovely floral fan that Miss Ella made, which is totally needed in this muggy heat! Have started to research a few new recipes for snack ideas for the kids, and also to post on my page as I have had a few emails from people requesting snack ideas, so that Vlog/Blog will be coming in the next couple of weeks!

A nice little quick trip to Hamilton on Saturday where a friend and I climbed Mt Te Aroha. View from the look out point was beeeutiful, but yes, not so much to see at the top on a foggy day! *Sad face!*

I had done Te Aroha mountain once before and realised it was almost to the day, 2 years ago that I did it! So I pulled out the old pic of it and put it side by side, was a much clearer day in 2013!   But it was a fab hike up there none the less, and we visited the Organic Health store/cafe there which is lovely – if you are ever in Te Aroha check it out!

After that it was back to Hamilton where I caught up with the family and got cuddles with my favourite niece.  Me and my sister ( Fit Bella Kids head honcho) did some filming for our Vlogs which was so much fun and a lot of laughs (bad old photos, got told I used to look like one of the Hanson boys…lol, watch the Vlog on Tuesday :P)

Today was a new experience with paddle boarding, some friends and I got a voucher and went out for a 90 min lesson. So much fun! Seriously I just need to try every water sport there is in the world 

Gorgeous February is here! I’m so excited about this month (Yeah I know, when am I not excited? :P) This month I’ve got my Mt Taranaki climb (OMG), launching my new Fit Bella Women service, a friends wedding which I’m doing the photography for, and my 30th birthday!!

30s! Bring. It. On.

Yip, excited about that too