Facebook Cringing

I’ve been cringing a bit at my newsfeeds recently with people promoting things like skinny wraps and shake diets.   I’m sure everyone is well aware of my dislike for fitness and health gimmick products with my waist training rants from time to time, I’ve tried to hold this one in but there’s only so many times you can scroll past a picture of a glad wrapped torso without an outburst about the state of humanity.

First of all, I know these people are trying to make their own business out of it, so yes big ups to you.  Everyone would love to be self-employed, have the freedom of flexible hours, working from home, for themselves etc etc….although these ‘businesses’ (AKA pyramid schemes/rubbish) are very ‘do as I say’ and in actual fact you have VERY little if any creative control in your ‘own business’ if you are being told what to say/do/sell.   I think I just heard the hecklings of all these people saying ‘IT’S NOT A PRYAMID SCHEME!’…. then comes a post up of a screen shot of their bank account with their latest pay along with the words ‘you can have your own business and make money too!’ and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  Yeah, not a pyramid scheme at all.

Secondly, wrapping glad wrap around your waist?  Living off shakes?  Come on.  Humans are smart, we are capable of so much – and this bullshit makes our species look like a f#cken joke.  I just look at these people and want to slap their hands and say ‘No! No you stop that right now!  You are better than this!’.  THESE ARE NOT GOOD PRODUCTS OR MEANS OF HEALTHY LIVING AND DEEP DOWN YOU KNOW THIS.

Thirdly, now I can hear these displeased people saying ‘well people have got good results from using this so it helps people and you can’t deny that!’.  Fortunately I love a good debate and I have a come back for this too.  The reason that these things work (in the beginning), is that it’s not actually the PRODUCT that is helping the person.  The reason that somebody may lose weight with this is actually because of the ACT of them making the decision to do something good for themselves health wise.  That is why anything works, it’s self love, because in your head you have decided that you want something better for yourself and that you are going to achieve it and THAT’S the catalyst for your weight loss.  So yes while it may help for a little while, eventually your conscience will catch up with you, realising how ridiculous drinking shakes every day is or getting up in the morning to wrap your egg sandwiches and yourself.  All these things do is create warped ideals of what ‘health’ really is.  Your positive energy for your own self-love and self-improvement is far better off used towards something that is not a health and fitness gimmick.

Rant over.  Until the next one.

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