Finger Cracking Good

While visiting New Zealand my Nana kindly gave me $50 as a Christmas gift to get myself something nice. A lovely gesture and one of those things where you feel incredibly guilty if you end up spending it on boring groceries, or filling your car up with gas – in the grown up world groceries and petrol being paid for are seen as a glorious Christmas present, but we all know that’s not what Nana intended us to spend it on.

So I’d been thinking, while I was here I wanted to have a massage, not to disregard Wilson or anything (Wilson is my trigger point massage ball for those of you who have not read my previous blog and are thinking WTF?) but, things are still new and we’re still in the dating phase. We haven’t had ‘the talk’ about exclusivity yet.

So I decided yes I’m going to get me a lovely massage, nicely timed for the end of my holiday in NZ, nice and refreshed for my flight back home to Sydney, Nana would be pleased with this decision as well and eternally grateful it wasn’t spent on Quest bars.

So the one place I wanted to return to in Hamilton that I had been to before and had a nice relaxing experience was Ann’s Massage at The Base. So I head down and walk in, sat straight down in the chair ready for my body to have a nice little relaxing treat. I had booked for the full body + feet treatment and was quite excited when the massage therapist brought out a little foot bath for me to put my feet in – *ooh lovely* I thought, *haven’t had one of these before*…. But not before thinking *I really feel like I should apologise to this person because I do a lot of bare feet walking and I probably shouldn’t have walked in the dirt earlier today prior to this appointment*.

Anywho….shoulder part, neck part, upper back part…..zoning out and thinking about those pesky knots floating away….ahhh bliss. Starts on my left arm….I never really used to think about massaging my arms but since Wilson and I met, we have been doing some experimenting….and now I was comparing Wilson’s and massage therapist’s techniques. Massage therapist got to my hands and pressed on some trigger points, and then grabbed my pinky, flicked it and it cracked.

Ok, here’s the background story. Finger cracking. Anything to do with cracking fingers, makes me want to curl up into the foetal position, whilst letting out a noise which sounds a bit like ‘ArrrrGGGhhhhhEWWWwwwwwNooooooooOOOO!!’ followed by ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!’ and almost faint. Which is completely weird because I absolutely LOVE it when I can crack my shoulders, or when I get my back or neck cracked….but fingers, hell-to-the-no.

So back to the massage chair….

Pinky finger, CRACK. *shock…..oh god, was that a finger pop? No, maybe they just flicked my finger and I thought it cracked. Haha, that’s a funny joke, brain. *

Ring finger, CRACK. *Oh shit. That was definitely a crack*

Middle finger, CRACK. *OMG, we’re doing this. We’re doing all the fingers. We’re cracking them. *

Index finger, CRACK. *I’m seeing stars. It’s cool. I’m cool. Stars are pretty. *

Thumb, CRACK. *That wasn’t so bad….hahaha, I’m all good, my fingers feel great. Rooms spinning a bit, seeing black, but I’m keeping it together, all good. Helloooo staars. * Massage therapist has started back on my neck area, I wish I could say it was a nice relief but by this time I can’t feel it because I’m concentrating more on keeping myself upright and not making a head first dive into my muddy foot spa. I’m trying to play it cool *it’ll pass….nothing to worry about* I then realise I had two hands (weird, right?) and that this finger cracking experience was not over yet. I then began to weigh out my options.

Option 1 – I can just see how this pans out, stay sitting here and hope this seeing stars goes away quickly, but judging by room spinning escalating, the foot bath was increasingly looking like a full body bath.

Option 2 – Tell massage therapist that I’m going to be a heap on their floor any second now and would they mind if I laid my ass down on one of the beds so I could return to the land of the living.

Wisely, I chose option 2.

Massage therapist was extremely helpful and straight away got me some water. Ann immediately came out and asked if I was ok, bringing a big ol’ block of Whittakers dark chocolate and breaking me off a chunk telling me to eat some straight away. *Ooh chocolate!* was my immediate thought and the stars started to disappear and were replaced with embarrassment of clambering around their building in search of a place to lie down. Feeling absolutely back to normal again I returned to my chair and the massage recommenced, I wanted to persevere with the finger cracking on the other hand to even this experience out and break my fear once and for all. Before I had even had time to prepare myself for the next round of pops, Ann was back at my side handing me an already peeled banana and telling me to eat more. “Gosh, that’s so nice, thank you!” feeling a bit spoilt that after my episode I’ve just upgraded this massage to include a picnic as well. I was still distracted by my new snack thinking *ooh banana now, yum!* and taking a bite when I realised that massage therapist had just finished cracking the last finger on the other hand. Job done. Nothing to worry about :P

The remainder of the massage was brilliantly beautiful and I HIGHLY recommend the people at Ann’s Massage. Amazing treatment and beautiful service, but if you have a weird thing about finger clicking, perhaps let them know beforehand! (or not, and you might get some choccy :P )

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