Freckle Face

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting with a friend and noticed they were looking at my face a bit funny. I thought that I may have had one of my episodes where I bought a takeaway coffee and then had been unaware that I had gotten black vivid on my face from the LB (long black) written on the top of the lid.  I had flashbacks to when I got on the bus and kids were pointing smiling at me and I assumed that they just thought I was super cool. The lady opposite me smirking away should have been a dead giveaway but no, no I didn’t notice I looked like a pet dog until 2ish hours later when I got home and looked in the bathroom mirror to have a huge black backwards LB on my face.  Anywho, I suddenly realised that they were looking at the mark on the right side of my cheek, that mark on my cheek that when I was younger I used to think was my ‘beauty mark’, (it is less like a beauty mark and more like a splodge on my face) but I loved my brown splodge none the less and flaunted it as ‘a bit of a character feature’ (I can literally turn anything into a positive).  With them staring at it, it brought a reminder into my head that ‘I should get that checked.’.

Over the last couple of years I had noticed that it had got darker and bigger and it was one of ‘those things’ in the back of my mind that I should do but never got around to it, along with sorting out the several boxes of junk I’ve left in my Mum and Dads garage, watering the one plant I had the job of looking after (not a happy ending), and dropping off those old clothes to the Salvation Army that have been in rubbish bags in the back of my car for the last six months. So after that moment I, again…forgot about it.

A couple of weeks later I was sitting with another friend and she said to me out of the blue “have you ever had that mark on your cheek checked out?”. “There it was…….there was my slap” I thought, universe was telling me that enough was enough and that this task had been upgraded from the ‘yeah yeah I’ll get round to it’ list and was now on priority to-do.  After getting a referral to a dermatologist (which had a 3 month waiting list but I managed to get in within a week after a cancellation popped up while I was at the front desk – tinny much).  I strolled into my appointment on Monday to finally get my beauty splodge assessed.  After inspection by the dermatologist, I finally could label it with a perfectly fine ‘solar freckle’, “sheitt this splodge on my face just got cooler” I thought, as it sounded like some sort of astronomical awesomeness on my face. “Absolutely nothing to worry about there, just keep wearing a hat and sun screen to protect it” she told me.  She did a full body check of my skin and told me it was all fine, also giving the all clear to a mole I have on my chest that I also had been meaning to get checked out.  She talked about referring me to another Doctor about getting my newly named solar freckle taken off, when I asked her if it was essential for me to do that – she told me “no, it would be for cosmetic reasons”. ”Ohhh no no no,  I love my Cosmo brown splodge, it’s staying”, and off I went with my solar face, a skip in my step and a hell of a lot more peace of mind.

So my story has a happy ending (unlike the poor plant I killed) and perhaps the signs I got for getting the spot on my face checked out was to obtain calmness and completion around that ‘back of my mind’ thing.  Perhaps also to write this blog about my experience and remind others who read this to get whatever might be on their ‘things-to-do-but-I’m-going-to-wait-5-years-to-do-anything-about-it, list’. checked out.  Nine times out of 10 there will be nothing to worry about, so definitely don’t live in anxiety or fear about what ‘could’ happen, but take control of those little special signs that may be telling you to do something – health is wealth!  And wealth is apparently being a dermatologist after paying $220 for a 10 minute appointment :P but totally worth EVERY penny for the richness of your wellbeing.  I’m now off to drop off my old clothes to the Salvo’s.

Love, happiness & health

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