Meet Wilson, I love him.

Meet Wilson, I love him.

He sometimes brings discomfort into my life, can occasionally be a pain in the neck and in general looks like a bit of a prick.  He’s not very good at cooking dinner and lacks good conversation on long walks along the beach, but what he lags in personality he makes up for in other areas and makes me really, really happy.

These little devilish pieces of equipment are something that everyone should own and use frequently.  Trigger point massage balls are one of the simplest ways to move and release tension in the body held in forms of toxins lurking around and knotty muscles causing chaos.  Unfortunately in this fast paced world we often don’t make time to book in massages frequently, and of course can get expensive to go as regularly as we should (although definitely money well spent for a healthy body if you have enough disposable income).  But, with all the Wilson’s in the world we can take responsibility and the no excuses approach, to give our bodies a good ol’ (often painful, not gonna lie) roll out regularly and make a healthy habit of it.  Foam rollers are equally as excellent….you know that saying ‘no pain, no gain’?…well that’s definitely applicable to those spikey logs of torture…. but 5-10 minutes every night while you’re watching TV and straight away (and even more so over time) your body will thank you for it.  You’ll feel lighter, your body will move more freely, it can relieve aches and pains and in turn make you a happy and healthier person.  I’m always rolling out my neck, shoulders, lower back, glutes, quads, IT band ( Hurts. Like. A. Mo. Fo ), and since making this a regular practice in my life my body has never felt better.

Wilson’s definitely a pain in my butt, but I really do love him.


I bought the pictured trigger point massage ball from Rebel Sport for $25

A variety of foam rollers are available online, Hart Sport is a good source ranging from $18-$80

Recommended massage therapists:
Sydney – Mariska Smits & John Tran at Quay Health

Auckland – Vivi at Youkon Massage

Hamilton – Hukanui Body Therapies


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