New Zealand Wandering

A wee vid of my New Zealand wandering, keeping up the momentum of exploring and displaying my inability to sit still. It was amazing to meet new people with Self Love Sessions/Reiki & the seminar :D every moment of work, seeing friends, family and having an adventure was awesome – even the stairs jelly legs, vodka induced car naps, and getting stranded with a flat tyre parts :P I feel like I accomplished the things I set out to do with this trip, so I’m a happy lass :)

I’m going to be a bit quieter on the posting front on my page/website for a few weeks over the festive season (will still be posting fitness countdown) to work on some projects and new things for next year with my businesses and passions. This involves further running around Sydney exploring, researching and connecting with people so I’m dedicating some time to that and am excited to bring these new things in the new year :D Also, I know TLC advised against it, but I’ve discovered there are some amazing waterfalls in Sydney that I need to chase! So lots of getting lost in nature :P Anywho, I will post at Christmas and (my absolute fav) New Year’s. I can’t even contain my excitement that I will be in Sydney for NY this year, I’ve got my camera and I’m on a mission, gettin’ front row at Sydney harbour i’m making it happen :P

Thanks again to those who made it a fab NZ trip!

Thank you for watching x

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