Confessions Of Competing – Show 8

So again once I had wished my Christmas and New Year period away (this was the 3rd year in a row of dieting over the festive period), because it was easier to do that instead of painfully eye balling all […]

Fit Bella Women Pic-A-Day September

 Day One.  GOALS I have A-LOT of goals in life but for the sake of not writing a chapter book (which is one of my goals :P ) on here, I will summarise. A couple of short term goals for […]

Confessions Of Competing – Shows 5, 6 & 7

So after my 4th show, yet again no rebounds, body/weight/binge wise, I came in at 55kgs and settled at about 57-58kgs. Some people (not everyone) can tend to rebound quite hard, whether that be straight after the show or a […]

Making Memories In Sydney – Vlog 37

Getting the Bondi beach tourist photos done, catch ups on the rocks, Taramararamama (its Tamarama but for some reason I have difficulty saying this :P ), lunch in the park with our magpie friends, sunsets and cartwheel practice, full moon […]

Confessions of Competing – Show 4 // Blog

Post show after my 3rd comp and 1st figure category attempt, again I didn’t have a huge backlash from it body wise.  I had made the decision that after that show in October 2011 I was going to take some time […]

Confessions of Competing – Show 2 & 3 // Blog

So after the 1st show I walked away with a great new experience under my belt, a tonne of new found confidence and I was on cloud 9. Post show I didn’t have any backlash in any sense, food wise […]

Confessions of Competing – Show 1 // Blog

OK let’s start at the beginning. So late 2010 I made the decision to compete and the start of my prep to the stage would begin January 2011.  Everyone’s reasons for competing are all very different, but I know this happens with a lot of […]

Confessions of Competing // Vlog 36

Alright here we go… we all love a bit of goss so I’ve got a bit for you in the form of some upcoming blogs about competing :P If you follow Fit Bella Women you know that every now and […]

Fit Bella Fitness: Quick Full Body Workout

This is a quick workout that hits upper/lower body and abs Circuit: 20 x Dumbbell chest flyes 20 x Tricep dips 20 x V up crunches 1 minute squat hold x 2-3 rounds, you know the drill…no rest in-between :) […]

Soul Vs Ego // Vlog 37

Living from the soul vs living from the ego…. Let me tell you right now, living from the soul is BY FAR the better road if you want to live a happy and FULFILLING life. ( ;P you’ll see what I mean when you […]

Making Time To Get To Know Ourselves & Others // Vlog 35

When was the last time you asked someone what their favourite colour is? We often get caught up in just going about our day to day routine, talking to our work colleagues on a business level, talking to our friends/partners […]

Creating Style On A Kmart Budget // Vlog 34

We live on a planet that’s gone a bit crazy with wanting nice expensive things – whether it be expensive clothes / shoes / cars / TVs / iPads etc etc, but are all these things going to make your life better or are you […]

Fitspiration Is Outta Control // Vlog 33

Need your butt always be in my face? :P   Instagram.  Ok, so it can be inspiring to motivate you to do better, get out there and do some exercise/eat healthy – but….. (pun intended), ‘fitspiration’ is getting pretty out […]