Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Below is my recent reply to a friend who had emailed me, asking for advice with his own journey.  He himself had figured out that something wasn’t right with parts of our current ‘health & fitness’ industry approach after unsuccessfully going down the same ol’ path that a lot of us do – and asked why don’t more trainers teach this approach towards our wellbeing?

“You’ve hit the nail on the head there my friend!  A huge percentage of life roadblocks, illnesses, limiting beliefs and body and weight issues originate from emotional stress.  Often from things happening now and/or in early years that have been psychologically etched into us.  That is so awesome that you have made time to travel and soul search, something EVERYONE should do but unfortunately many will never take the time out to do because they are too busy getting nowhere fast :/  Emotional and mental health is the most important part of what needs to be fixed, then a healthy body will naturally follow from the changes, although today’s fitness industry has done nothing but create things the other way round, which provides people with short term results but same old story of yoyoing or massive highs and lows. “

Busting our ass to train/diet/restrict in order to get to a place we think is going to make us happy does not and never will work long term.  He changed direction to look within and began figuring out the answers to his life road blocks and once on this path he started to make winning progress.  Progress of course does not come without hard work, bringing to the surface some things people perhaps do not wish to face or see.  However, this in turn is well worth it and essential to moving towards a place of physical and mental clarity by looking at our emotional response to things and just how much it affects our body and mind.

Physical and mental illness is prevalent in this modern world and we cannot blindfold ourselves anymore to the fact that what we put into our bodies is playing a huge part in the downward spiral of our health.  Food is not the only energy form that we put into our bodies, yes of course it is an important aspect of our health and well-being but on a deeper level EMOTION is a more powerful energy form.  You may be eating the most perfectly healthy and amazingly nourishing diet, but if you still hold deep rooted negative thoughts (from present happenings/situations or from early years) your body will bring that to the surface in someway.  FEEL the emotions that arise within you, they’re always telling you something.  The soul searching journey is one that should be placed as the highest priority above any diet or exercise plan, yes it may sound airy fairy and isn’t mainstream (yet) but put your ego to the side and run with it!   Remember your body WANTS to be healthy, don’t bury anything, follow your feelings, treat yourself kindly and you’ll be surprised at how your body and life happiness responds.

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