What’s The Hardest Thing About Following A Meal Plan? EVERYTHING.

Another question that I always had in my pre-screen forms was ‘What do you find hardest about following a meal plan?’. Back when I was working in the heart of the fitness and health scene, my job would be to help people overcome the barriers and coach people stick to a meal plan. Now, having not followed a meal plan for a couple of years and having all this extra brain space now that I’m not constantly worrying about food, makes me think that there is something about not following a food plan that is 100% awesome for our sanity. The reason everyone always ends up finding that following a meal plan is hard? Is because we are not meant to live our life like that. Yes meal plans can have their place, people can benefit from following a written out piece of paper but ultimately we have to learn what’s good for us without being told because no one can know exactly what’s right for us, except ourselves. I believe in food guidance, and I also believe we need to take individual responsibility to learn about our own bodies because we are all so very very different in how we function.

I will tell you a few things about meal plans though.  (In my experience) All a meal plan did was f*ck me up. It made me completely lose my own instincts towards the food choices that were best for me, It made me scared of foods that were naturally good for my body and my mind.  It made me believe ‘foods’ made in a laboratory were ‘healthy’ for me.  IT MADE ME BELEIVE WEIGHT WATCHERS JELLY WAS A TREAT.  Do you know how ridiculous that is?

Do you remember when we were kids?  We knew our shit then.  We were cool, we didn’t need meals plans then….we ate, we played, we were carefree…we didn’t care about calories, we didn’t rely on food to make us happy, we relied on food so that we could have the energy to climb a tree, bike to our friends house or last an afternoon of doing cartwheels.  When did we lose the ability to think like that?

Fortunately, we can get that mentality back.  If you really think about it honestly, REALLY HONESTLY….do you think we are all suppose to live by calculated means? Do you want to be weighing out your 80 grams of chicken and your 30 grams of oats for the rest of your life? No.  Make the choice to take control and re-learn about your body.  And be kind to yourself in the process!

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